Summer Series pt. 3: 1000 Lakes Out Now!

Third and final part of my Summer Series of releases, a three-track single called 1000 Lakes, is out now in all major music stores and services worldwide! Find link to your favourite service through Songwhip here:

The third part of the series is a bit more anthem-like melodic & uplifting piece accompanied by choir / orchestral type melody with classical music vibes. The single also includes slower and more atmospheric Ambient Breakbeat Remix that fits to early morning chill-out sets and other slower tempo mood.

As the Original Mix is well over 9 minutes long, I’ve also included a bit more reasonably length Radio Edit. It is not exactly traditional radio thing either with almost 5 minutes of length but the track is arranged in a way that too many compromises would need to be made to create a much shorter version and I did not want to go that way.

Summer Series part II: Forecast out today!

About two years ago I was finalising my “Electrothesis” album. I had a track on it that sampled “Merisää” (Sea area weather forecast) broadcast from Finnish National Broadcaster YLE and knew I had to ask for permission to be able to add the track to my album. I wasn’t too hopeful as I’m just a small bedroom producer with no name or big audience and no record label to back me up.

But, to my pleasant surprise, not only did YLE legal give permission to use the samples in the track, they also connected me with Petri Rinne who is the YLE reporter reading the Merisää broadcast and whose voice I had sampled. It turned out that Petri is a big electronic music fan and was enthusiastic to hear the track and be part of it!

Fast-forward two years and I started to think that the track in question, Forecast, earned a single release (as it was only released as part of the album at the time) and remix as it had become my most successful track to date, gathering the most plays and being the only to be played in Finnish national radio without me promoting it to them.

As a result, Forecast, is now out as a single release in all major digital music stores and services including the original 2021 version of the track as well as brand new uplifting banger remix.

Find your version and listen it today from Songwhip:

“Summer series” begins, Violets Are Blue out now!

Violets Are Blue is the part 1 of my new “Summer Series”, three releases to be released in quick succession during the summer 2023. It is available now through all major music stores and services.

The first part of the series is a sunny-spirited mix of uplifting, tech and acid trance designed to move your feet and get your hands up in air in joy, just like a real summer anthem trance should be.

The series will continue in just couple of weeks time with another single release, stay tuned for more!